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Small Girth
Product Code: KA1736

Equi-Prene bouncing circumference with gut watchman to shield horse from injury brought about by studs.

Accompanies removable wool for added solace for your pony.

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Regular Girth
Product Code: KA1837

Pressing factor Eze circumferences by Equi-Prene are intended to restribute the powers applied to diminish tension on the rising pectorals. These muscles, running from the breastbone to the lower arm, can be confined by ordinary sizes, hindering the horse\'s development, breathing and solace. By multiplying the surface region, Pressing factor Eze viably parts the pressing factor applied to any one region. The flexibility and cunning math of the circumference lashes further empower agreeable development and extension of the rib confine. All Pressing factor Eze circumferences include Equi-Prene\'s renowned enemy of nerve, breathable Neoprene developments and are made utilizing the best flexible on the planet.

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Khan leathers is one of the most proficient manufacturer of Horse Girths and other horse riding accessories in India. A Girth is designed to keep the saddle on the horse, which keeps the saddle secure and prevents saddle from slipping side to side. The most significant feature of a Girth is its Strength. A girth is a necessary addition to saddle. Without it, the saddle is hardly of any use. A girth attaches to horse by buckles to saddle’s billet straps. Our professionally-manufactured horse girths gives the horse rider the necessary support, security, and control over the horse. Our horse riding designers developed this saddle pad with latest technology to provide our customers utmost satisfaction. It is perfect for trying out the various equestrian disciplines. We offer the best quality at the reasonable price

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