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All type bitts available iron and SS

D bit - iron and SS
Product Code: KA1130

A Dutch Gag Snaffle bit is an exceptionally famous preparing bit. This Dutch Gag Snaffle bit has three rings. The top ring is for the cheek pieces to join to and the lower rings offer a decision of rein settings relying upon how much control is required.

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Phelam bit
Product Code: KA1231

The Wilson Snaffle is customarily utilized in the driving scene, but on the other hand is becoming well known for ridden ponies. It has four free rings - two appended to each finish of the mouthpiece, with two extra \"inside rings\". The cheek bits of the harness are fitted to within rings, while the reins are fitted to the external two rings. The pieces works with a pressing activity on the horse\'s cheeks as opposed to on the edges of the mouth. The Wilson Snaffle can give great control and \"turning power\" for a hard-pulling horse, while not being excessively serious.

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3 ring bit with connectors
Product Code: KH11

Happy Mouth bits have a stainless steel centre core to ensure maximum safety and strength. The apple scented plastic has been engineered to provide the horse with easily accepted flavour which is non-toxic, long lasting and safe.

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Snaffle Bits
Product Code: KA1332

Popular bit for riding or harness driving.

Lightweight, fine cut and comfortable for your horse or pony.

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Khan leathers is one of the most proficient manufacturer of Horse Bits and other horse riding accessories in India. We deal in various variety of horse bits like Phelam Bit, 3 Ring Bit, Snaffle Bits, D Bit and many more. The bit is an important item of a horse's tack. It usually refers to the assembly of components that helps to communicate with horse and controls the horse's mouth. Our professionally-manufactured horse bits gives the horse rider the necessary support, security, communication and control over the horse. Our horse riding designers developed this horse bits with latest technology to provide our customers utmost satisfaction. It is perfect for trying out the various equestrian disciplines. We offer the best quality at the reasonable price

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